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What are casement windows?

Unlike sash windows and slider windows – which slide open horizontally or vertically – casement windows swing open using a hinge that is installed on the outside of the window. Casement windows can be installed to open horizontally using a hinge on the right or left of the window. Horizontal casements can be installed as a single window, or as a pair of windows with hinges on both the right and left sides. A casement stay can be installed, which keeps the window in place when it is open.

Casement windows windows can also be installed vertically, using a hinge installed on the top. These windows are also known as awning windows. Vertical casement windows are sometimes installed with a crank, lever, or cam handle, which can be used to open the window, lock it when it is closed, or keep the window in place when it is open.

What are the advantages of casement windows?

Casement windows are also an excellent way to add ventilation to a room. When these windows are hinged to open outward, they can be angled in order to direct breezes from the outside into your home.

Casement windows are also energy efficient. Because the sash of a casement window closes by pressing against the frame, these windows have tremendous energy efficiency compared to some other window types.

How are casement windows installed?

Before installing casement windows, it is important to check the window against the frame to make sure that it fits. Next, add waterproof flashing onto the bottom of the frame. After drilling pilot holes on the side of the frame and leveling the window, the window is hoisted into position and installed in the pilots.

After the window has been installed, trim is added to the outside of the window, along with caulk to seal the window against rain and temperatures. With proper installation, no one will ever know that your replacement casement window was a recent addition!

What is the installation cost for casement windows?

The cost to install casement windows can vary depending on whether it is a single or a double casement, whether the window opens horizontally or vertically, and other features that you select. To get an exact quote on custom window installation your home, give us a call to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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