Showroom Visits Are By Appointment Only.

“Sorry, We’re Closed”

We’ve all had the experience at one time or another. We are trying to get to the bank, the grocery store or the dry cleaners and as we walk up we see the closed sign in the window. You think to yourself, “darn it, missed it by just a few minutes or even seconds. I wish I had gotten here sooner.”

But wait, there is someone still inside and you knock on the door and put on your best puppy dog face and hope that they let you in but they only shrug and mouth “we’re closed.” Really? Can’t you just let me in, it’s only a minute after? But no, they shake their heads sympathetically but do not budge.

This most recently happened to me when I went to a local coffee shop just after it closed. In this case I realize that the machine was shut down and there really wasn’t anything they could do to help but the disappointment was still palatable for me as I walked away.

I bring this up because a week ago we had three nights in a row at work here when clients and/or potential clients would keep showing up at our front door after we were closed. Of course we let them in and I must hand it to our office staff for going the extra mile and showing them around the showroom and answering their questions.

Last Friday night stands out in particular because it was Valentine’s Day and Bridget had plans for the evening when a couple came and knocked on the door while she was packing to go home. She opened up and spent and additional 25 – 30 minutes with them until they understood the differences between the two different window series we had quoted and they went on their way thankful for the opportunity Bridget offered by staying late.

I want to thank Bridget for her dedication to our work. She knows and understands that we are a service industry and we are here to help people in whatever way we can, and if it’s after hours and we’re still in the office when you walk up you will never hear us say “sorry, we’re closed.”

By John Gorman, Owner
Save Energy Company

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