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Save Energy Co. proudly offers the James Hardie Siding System!

“We believe there is no better way to wrap your home in enduring strength, security and beauty.” John Gorman, Co-Owner of Save Energy

Weather is tough on your home and its siding. The sun bakes it. Expands it. Cracks it. Water hits it, finds its way into the cracks. Water can break down siding products — especially those pre-millennial ones. As composite wood products, they tend to start absorbing water as they age. And that’s when product failure begins.

James Hardie siding products are 90% fiber cement. They don’t absorb moisture. They actually repel it. And when you get a siding installation for your home with the James Hardie Siding System, it gets tightly wrapped in a durable, long lasting, highly water-resistant layer. It’s like a raincoat for your home…only better.

Siding Installation San Francisco CA

3 Reasons to Choose the James Hardie Siding System

1. Resistant to Moisture and Rot

Rot and all of its destructive associates thrive on one thing: Moisture — the kind that seeps in and gets trapped behind something, like cracked siding. It also loves one other thing: time — time to hang around…for years. Since James Hardie Siding is made of cement, it doesn’t crack. And it resists — even repels — moisture. That means rot and company have no place to hang around your home clad in James Hardie Siding.

Siding Installation San Francisco CA

2. Resistant to the signs of Aging

Years of exposure to weather will cause even the best paint to crack and peel. James Hardie siding with ColorPlus® Technology means the color is applied during the manufacturing process — actually baked on so it becomes part of the siding, not a layer resting on top of it. The result is no peeling. No cracking. Ever.

Siding Installation San Francisco CA

3. Resistant to Fire

House fire. A scary thought. Fire feasts on wood siding. It melts vinyl siding. Quickly. But when fire encounters James Hardie Siding, it doesn’t find the fuel it needs. What it finds is resistance… because James Hardie Siding is of fiber cement composition. And cement doesn’t burn — which means your loved ones have more time to find safety and fire fighters have more time to do their job.

Siding Installation San Francisco CA

Siding Installation San Francisco CA

There’s even decorative trim for Victorians! Now that’s not easy to find. All products are available in custom colors and, of course, the James Hardie legendary durability. For more details, ask your Save Energy Siding Consultant.

Dare to Compare…

See How the James Hardie Siding System Stacks Up To the Competition

(And what your home may have now)

Siding Installation San Francisco CA

Skilled Craftsmen Transform Your Home with the Innovative James Hardie Exterior Siding System


Siding Installation San Francisco CA
Siding Installation Sonoma CA
Siding Installation Sonoma CA


Siding Installation Sonoma CA
Siding Installation Sonoma CA
Siding Installation Sonoma CA

James Hardie Siding Protects Your Home Three Ways

  • Guards against environmental elements with durability warrantied for 30 years
  • Provides lasting beauty with factory paint finishes warrantied for 15 years
  • Superior protection against the ravages of fire

The Home Exterior Transformation Process Step by Step

Siding Installation Sonoma CAOnce the old siding has been removed, the exterior walls are covered with HardieWrap to create a moisture barrier.

Siding Installation Sonoma CAOpenings for doors, windows, pipes, light fixtures, utility boxes, et al. are tightly sealed with adhesive, weather-stripping tape.

Siding Installation Sonoma CASiding planks are carefully measured then cut with diamond-tipped, cement-cutting saw blades.

Siding Installation Marin CAStuds are located and marked to ensure secure attachment of each plank.

Siding Installation Marin CAEach plank is carefully positioned and secured via nail gun. Note the added sheet of moisture protection at the joint between the planks. (That little grey patch under the installed plank, on top of the HardieWrap.)

Siding Installation Marin CAThe seams at the corners are meticulously caulked, as are the gaps around plumbing and electrical fixtures.

Our installers are seasoned craftsmen committed to giving your house that “custom-built” look you’ll appreciate — and admire — year after year.

The Total Home Transformation

Watch the complete transformation in :45!


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