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Save Energy Windows & Doors: East Petaluma Surprise

We Love Surprises.

Sometimes you love them.  Sometimes you hate them.  They’re like a lot of things in life – context matters. Take owning a home. “Surprise!” isn’t usually an announcement you embrace with open arms.

As replacement window and patio door installers, one thing that makes our work rewarding is surprises. Seriously. We love them. “We never really know what we’re going to find when we take out the old window or door,” commented Luis Flores, the 15-year installation veteran and crew foreman for Save Energy Co.  “The surprises are fun. They’re the challenges to be solved. They make the job interesting.”

One such surprise happened during a recent installation project in East Petaluma.  The crew removed the original sliding patio door. When they cleaned the work area and measured to assess the fitment of the new door, they noticed an extra layer of concrete protruding beyond the edge of the hardwood flooring creating an uneven, narrow sill.

“My guys hadn’t seen this before and wondered how to best deal with it so the new door could be installed the right way with a proper seal and tight fit,” explained Luis. “I told them the most effective and efficient thing to do was to chisel it out.”

As the crew worked, Luis talked with the homeowner about the situation. She mentioned the original flooring had been tile. They had removed it a few years ago and installed hardwood. That explanation made perfect sense and confirmed his suspicions. The surprise extra layer of concrete was the “float” spread over the foundation to create a level base for the tile.  The situation made this installation atypical – especially since it affected both patio doors being installed. Dealing with it took the crew additional time.

Luis had seen such situations before and knew the best way to handle them. He knew it was no big deal, just a momentary inconvenience. There was no need to charge an extra fee for the unexpected work.

This is one advantage of choosing Save Energy Company for the installation of replacement windows and doors – proven experience.

Big Box stores and many smaller window shops use inexperienced day laborers who may or may not be supervised by an on-site company foreman. Do they have the experience to handle such surprises? Will they see this as an opportunity to up-charge the customer? Do they care about doing the job the right way? As a homeowner, you may never know until it’s too late – as in, “Why is there a huge puddle of water under my new patio door?” or, “What’s this extra charge all about?”

Replacing windows and patio doors can be a significant investment. When installed correctly, they will add value to your home and make it much more comfortable and  enjoyable for years to come.  The last thing you want, as a homeowner, is an installation failure within months of the project being completed.

Save Energy Company installation craftsmen have the knowledge and experience to meet a project’s surprise challenges with proper solutions. We know how to provide you, the homeowner, with years of trouble-free use. We take care of the surprises so you receive the best benefit of all – peace of mind.

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