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What are garden windows?

custom garden windowGarden windows – also known as greenhouse windows or window boxes – are like a miniature greenhouse growing from the side of your home. They are a box-like structure, often with an angled top panel, that is ideal for kitchens. The garden window offers additional space for plants, knickknacks or other decorative items.

Typically, garden windows are installed in the kitchen next to the sink. But if you want, they can be installed in any room of the house where homeowners want to let in light while also enjoying their favorite plants or other displays. All garden windows are available in custom sizes, so you can be sure that your replacement window will fit perfectly into any space in your home!

What are the advantages of custom garden windows?

Although garden windows can be used for any display items, these windows are typically used to display plants. The three-dimensional shape of these windows allows homeowners to ensure that their plants are receiving ample sunlight while also controlling temperatures by keeping them inside the house. In addition, garden windows can help to create more space in a room by giving you a place to put your plants or other items, freeing up space in your kitchen or other areas of the house.

How are garden windows installed?

The first step in installing new garden windows is to measure the area where the window will be installed. This allows us to build a custom garden window that will fit perfectly in place of your old window and perfectly match the unique style of your home. When your new window is ready, we remove the old window and perform an inspection to check for hidden mold, rot, or other damage. Finally, we install your custom garden window, making sure to add sealant and insulation to guard against the weather. We also add new trim so that your garden window blends with your home’s style, making it almost impossible to tell it is a replacement window!

How much do garden windows cost?

Garden replacement windows typically cost only a few hundred dollars. However, the exact price for materials and installation can vary depending on the size of the window, additional features that you request, or the type of glass that you want to use for your custom garden windows. To get an exact price quote garden window installation in your home, give us a call to schedule a free in-home estimate with our experienced technicians.

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