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What are double hung windows?

The double-hung window is the most common style of windows. It consists of “top and bottom” upper and lower sashes that slide vertically over each other in separate grooves in the side jambs. Each sash is provided with springs, balances or weatherstripping to hold it in place in any location.

The window sash may be divided into a number of lights by small wood cross-members called muntins. The choice of multiple lights or open pane is often dictated by the size of a home and the style of the home’s architecture.

Hardware for double-hung windows includes sash lifts that are fastened to the bottom rail, although they are sometimes replaced by a finger groove in the rail. Other hardware consists of sash locks or fasteners at the meeting rail. They not only lock the window but also draw the sash together to provide a tight fit.

What makes double hung windows different?

A window is a window, right? Go shopping for replacement windows and you’ll start hearing phrases like double hung, single hung, casement, XO slider. So much for thinking a window is just a piece of glass over an opening in your wall!

Here’s a quick primer:

  • Double hung and single hung windows are the type you open from a center cross bar (sash) by lifting up or pushing down. Single hung means just the lower panel opens up.  Double hung means both the upper and lower panels open. These are the types of windows you normally see in homes built before the 1940’s or modern homes that want to mimic that look.
  • Casement windows have a single panel of glass that opens out using a cranking mechanism. They can be installed by themselves or a pair of them can flank a larger “picture window” that is stationary.
  • XO Sliders are windows that slide open sideways in the same manner as a patio door.  The “XO” designation refers to which side of the window is the one that opens. “X” refers to the panel that can open. “O” refers to the panel that doesn’t and is fixed in place. Along with an XO window, which is a two-panel window frame with the left panel opening, you might find an XOX or XOO or OOX.

What about aluminum?

There’s a lot of talk about vinyl and fiberglass replacement windows.  What ever happened to aluminum windows?

Replacement, dual-pane windows do come with aluminum frames.  It is not as popular as vinyl or fiberglass due to the cost. Aluminum is more expensive than the other two options.  But there are times when the clean, modern look of aluminum is exactly what is needed to keep your home’s architectural integrity in tact.

All the UV and sound dampening qualities you look for in replacement windows for your home are available when the frames and sashes are made of aluminum.

If this is your must have style, our window and door experts will show you the latest styles for the best manufacturers in the industry.

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