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What are bow windows?

Bow windows are three-dimensional sets of window panels that extend outward from a building. These windows can be installed with fixed openings, or with vented windows to allow more fresh air into the room.

Bow windows usually consist of four or five openings, which help to allow extra light into your home. These windows are often referred to as a “four-lite bow” or “five-lite bow” depending on the number of openings they contain.

What is the difference between bay and bow windows?

Bay windows and bow windows are pretty similar. Both window types extend outward from the home in a three-dimensional arc, so a lot of people get them confused.

The primary difference between these two window styles is that bay windows have only three openings, whereas bow windows have four or five. As a result, the outward curve of bow windows is more gentle than bay windows. 

Bow windows can also have all of their openings vented, if you so choose. Bay windows only have vents on the outside openings; the center window is always fixed.

What are the advantages of bow windows?

Because bow windows can have more openings and are usually wider than bay windows, they allow more light to enter into your home. Bow windows can also have two or three more vented windows than a bay window, which can allow more fresh air into your home.

Modern bow windows can make any room look and feel larger, even though their curve is more gentle than bay windows. When bow windows are installed in your living room, dining room, or family room, you’ll be amazed at how much they can make a cramped space feel so much roomier!

Unlike bay windows, bow windows can also be installed on the corner of a building. This can create a unique turret shape that provides a distinctive architectural flourish to your home.

How are bow windows installed?

The first step in installing your new bow windows is to remove the old window that they are replacing. Once the old window is gone, we check for mold or water damage that may have been hidden by the old frame. 

If everything looks good, we install a new frame around the old window opening. When your new custom bow windows are ready, our team will hoist them into place and fix them to the house with nails and support cables. An exterior knee brace may also be used for additional support.

Once the windows are in place, the next step is to install flashing, interior jambs, and fiberglass insulation to prevent water leaks and drafts. Finally, interior trim or molding provides the finishing touches to make your installation complete!

What is the installation cost for bow windows?

Because they consist of four or more separate openings, the exact price for bow window installation can vary depending on the number of windows you want, their size, the number of vented windows, and any additional features that you request.

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