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Custom-made windows stand in front of a one-story home.Looking to upgrade your windows in Northern California? Not only do Save Energy Co. custom windows reduce your heating and cooling costs, they also improve the curb appeal, security, and privacy of your home.

Custom windows allow you free reign on the design of your home. Custom replacement windows may be cheaper than altering existing window openings for standard window products. Depending on the size and shape of the window you’re looking to replace, custom window installation may be your most affordable option.

Advantages of Custom Replacement Windows

Why install custom, replacement windows?  More often than not, custom window costs are lower than resizing an irregularly shaped opening to accommodate a standard stock window. Fitting a standard window size into a unique opening requires fillings, trimming, and expensive adjustments to load-bearing sections of your wall. When considering the additional work involved in resizing the opening without compromising the structural stability of your home, custom windows are the cheaper alternative.

Custom-made windows are also the best, quickest way to improve the comfort of your home.  Dual pane windows will reduce the intrusion of outside noises.  They also greatly reduce UV sunrays from entering your home and fading furniture and flooring. Overall, you’ll find living in your home will be much more enjoyable. Saving money on your heating and air conditioning bills is just icing on the cake.

Custom windows provide opportunities for unique renovation options when working on a remodeling project. We offer a variety of custom styles to enhance the value and curb appeal of your home. From full circle top windows to eyebrow, springline, quarter rounds and more, Save Energy Co. has the custom cuts you need to transform your space with unique architecture and light.

Bay and bow windows transform your home, bringing in more light and opening up your space with an elegant arrangement of glass panels. These custom options increase the value of your home while giving you a sweeping view of the outdoors.

All Our Windows are Custom-Made

Here’s a little secret about replacement windows from Save Energy Co – they’re all custom made.  That’s right. No “off-the-shelf” product. Each window is made from the specific measurements of the one it is to replace. That makes it possible for us to replace just about any size and shape of window. There’s a lot of diversity – as well as creativity – in the architectural styles of homes in across the Bay Area. Being able to replace any and all styles and shapes helps make our job fun.

Custom-made windows from Save Energy Co are covered by lifetime warranties from the manufacturers. All of the installation work is covered by us for the lifetime of the product.  We’ll also come inspect it after one year if you request we do so.  A variety of financing plans is available at very competitive rates.  We even have options that help you take advantage of government energy-efficiency programs and rebates.

Our Installation Process is Fast and Easy

We want to make the process of installing and replacing your new windows as fast and east as possible.We strive to make the consultation and buying process one you will enjoy.  We come to you, at your convenience, in the comfort of your home – for free.

Our experienced and knowledgeable window and door experts will listen to your needs and inspect your project areas. They’ll make recommendations that best meet those needs as well as your budget. Want to think over the options? Of course you do. This is a big decision. We’ll give you all the time you need.  We’re the “no pressure” custom made window company.

The installation of your custom windows takes less than a day, in most cases. Our installers are highly skilled, experienced craftsmen. They’ve done projects throughout San Francisco and the North Bay Area which means they’ve seen just about everything so they’re prepared for anything. When taking out the old windows, there are often hidden surprises like dry rot.  Our crews are trained to spot and evaluate this type of damage. They’ll discuss the options with you immediately.  Often, they’re able to remediate the situation right on the spot.

For over 40 years, Save Energy Co. has been meeting the door and window replacement needs of San Francisco, Marin, San Rafael, Petaluma, Sonoma and Santa Rosa homeowners.  Check us out on Yelp. We have over 100 5-star reviews.

Get Started with a Free In-Home Estimate

Do you know what goes best with custom windows? A knowledgeable, certified, in-house installation team that has experience with all the diverse architectural styles available in San Francisco, Marin, San Rafael, Petaluma, Sonoma and Santa Rosa. Homeowners throughout the North Bay Area are always paying our crews the highest of complements – “You’re so thorough with your cleanup, it looks like you weren’t even there!”

It’s important for us, at Save Energy Co., to hear feedback like this because – above all else – we want to show respect for you and your home.  We know what it means to you and your family.  That’s why we do everything within our power to make your replacement window project a fun, exciting and rewarding experience.  We want to be the best custom window company in the area.

We strongly advise meeting with one of our professional estimators for an estimate to determine whether or not custom windows are the best option for your home. You can visit us at our showroom or schedule a free in-home estimate. We proudly serve Petaluma, San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Marin County, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Regardless of what style window you move forward with, our installation specialists will ensure your new windows are properly set to avoid drafts, leaks and other complications often associated with DIY installation projects. Both fast and effective, our contractors will do the job right with services backed by our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee.

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