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It’s A Wonderful Life

While I don’t watch it every year, watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” is certainly part of our families’ holiday tradition.  The years we do sit down to view it I have to admit I invariably start crying at some point and, to be completely honest, probably start sobbing at several moments in the movie.  Why?  Well, first of all I’m a big mush and it’s not that difficult for me to be touched by emotional situations (yes, I shed a tear or two when Nelson Mandala died recently, for example).  The second reason is I think the longer I live the more this movie resonates with me and I can see myself in the title role of George Bailey.

Don’t feel sorry for me, it’s not like I was saddled to my desk here unwillingly, but I can relate to the idea of being the underdog to much larger competitors and economic forces.  Somehow we’ve managed to keep not only the doors open for thirty years through all kinds of booms and busts but we’ve done it while providing consistently great customer service. 

We really do care about our client’s experience and we also care about our employees.  That’s why we still have paid vacations, holidays, sick days and health insurance for those that want to take advantage of it.  There have been many times when it would have been easy to give these benefits away but we have not because we believe our crew and staff deserve them, and that has not always been the case for our competitors.

So we want to wish everyone the happiest of holidays, and thank all of our current and past clients and employees for working with us.  Providing a great service and a great place to work is what motivates Pat and I as owners and we look forward to our thirty first year in business.

John Gorman
Save Energy Company

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