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Giving Thanks

I can’t think of a more perfect holiday than Thanksgiving. First of all, we always take the full four days off and everyone here loves the down time. We work hard Monday through Friday each week so having a three day week and four days off is a great gift.

Then there is the holiday itself. We gather around with the ones we love, be it family or friends or both, and it’s a great time to reach out and invite others in that might be without immediate family or a place to go for the holiday. We open our doors to others less fortunate. Aside from the wonderful food and good cheer the whole day is focused on giving thanks and that should never be overlooked as we run out to the store for last minute items or sit in traffic trying to get to wherever our final destination is for the day.

I’m sure I’m not alone in spending too much time focusing on what is wrong with my life or what could go wrong if I’m not vigilant to prevent them from happening. But these last few years I have been spending more time on what is right with my life and all the bounty I enjoy living here in Sonoma county and the Bay Area in general. By focusing on all I have to be grateful for I can’t help but notice how much calmer I am, more content I am, and how more abundance seems to grow out of my attention to all the positive factors in my life.

So I want to say “thank you” to all our clients and wish anyone and everyone who might be reading this a very Happy Thanksgiving.

John Gorman
Save Energy Company

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