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San Francisco Door CompanyWe all tend to take our front door for granted… until we really look at one day.  It’s faded. Cracked along the bottom. Didn’t it used to have a decorative panel?  And every time you go to open it, you have to throw a little shoulder into it, which is a real trick holding a bag full of groceries and trying to get the key in the lock.

Don’t put up with this any longer! Call Save Energy Co. to get a free estimate on  new doors replacement and installation today.

Whether you live in San Francisco, San Rafael, Marin County or Sonoma County, our expert home improvement specialists will give you a free, in-home consultation.

Your front door gives the world a first impression of you and your home.  You wouldn’t show up to a job interview in a torn and tattered suit, so why have the equivalent hanging on your front entrance?

The experts at Save Energy Co. will show you options available in long lasting wood and maintenance-free fiberglass.  They’ll even help you redesign your entryway with double-door or side-light options.

Do you like decorative glass inserts? We’ve got so many options it’ll take you hours to sort through them all!

Our Replacement & Installation Process

New entry doors can be installed in a day, in most cases. All work is done by our skilled, in-house, certified craftsmen and guaranteed for the life of the door. The door itself is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty that is typically for the life of the door. Be sure to get the complete details when you sit down with our consultant.

Don’t want to be rushed into making a decision? We wouldn’t want to be, either. This is a big one with lasting implications. We get that. That’s why we will never pressure you into making a decision “right here, right now!”

Our showroom in nearby Petaluma has several styles you can examine closely.  Want to see the difference between fiberglass and wood?  Come to our showroom.  Want to see the latest technology designed into new entry doors?  We’ll be more than happy to show you that, too.  (Yes, there actually is technology and engineering behind the making of front doors!) Visit the “Entry Doors” section of our site to get a brief introduction to 21st century front doors.

Once you decide on your new door, all your hassles with the old one will be gone – in less than a day.  Thank about it.  No more slamming.  No more sticking.  No more wondering if it really closed securely. Now picture a beautiful, new door and how it would totally enhance the curb appeal of your home.

Call Save Energy Co today. Let’s get this transformation started!

Transforming a Home’s Front Entry…

From this…

…to this.

Smooth-Star Craftsman,
2-panel with 60lite Chinchilla (S608XJ)
and 5-lite sidelites (S170JSL). Fiberglass.

From this…

…to this.

Concord Classic Mahogany,
3/4 Deluxe Oval 2 panel (FCM916)
with complementary sidelites (FCM809SL). Fiberglass.

From this…

…to this.

Smooth-Star Craftsman lite 2-panel Shaker (S2640)
with 2 sidelites (S6500S)

Additional New Front Entry Door Options

Therma-Tru Classic Mahogany Collection,
Double-Hung Craftsman 2-panel shaker
in Onyx with flush glazed clear lite.

Therma-Tru Ari, 3-lite double entry
with satin etched glass. (S2)

Smooth-star, 4-panel with 5-lite fan (S255)
and 5-lite side lites (S1170SL). Fiberglass.

Smooth-Star Craftsman 2-panel, 4-lite (S4814)
with 2-lite sidelines (S4812SL).
Flush-glazed Fiberglass.

Smooth-Star, 2-Panel, Square Top

Smooth-Star, 4-Panel Craftsman
with 4-lite top panel, eyebrows

Smooth-Star, 6-panel Classic. Fiberglass

Classic Oak, 4-panel, camber top with
Black nickel scrolled lite frame

Smooth-Star, 6-panel with mail slot

Smooth-star craftsman 2-panel with 4-lite flush glazed rain glass, simulated dividers

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