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Are Patio Doors, windows or doors?

Frankly, we don’t know how to best classify patio doors, either. What we do know is they are the perfect way to transform your home by letting the outside in while maintaining the comfort, beauty, and security of your home.

Our double-pane, insulated styles help maintain stable, inside temperatures by letting the sun’s light in, while keeping heat and damaging UV rays where they belong — outside.

And don’t forget about style! Our exterior patio doors come in a variety of distinctive styles that are perfect for any type of home.

Patio Door Styles

Patio doors from Save Energy are custom made to exactly fit your home’s unique requirements. All our patio doors are custom-crafted in either vinyl, fiberglass, or wood. Each one has its own unique advantages – we’re happy to help you choose the option that’s right for you!

When selecting new patio doors, the choice usually comes down to sliding or hinged. But there is also style to consider. We offer patio door replacements in both regular and French styles, giving you plenty of options to customize your home with a traditional or modern look perfect for any home.

Our patio door models come in four distinctive styles:

Sliding Patio Doors
Sliding panels glide smoothly, silently, effortlessly offering convenience and a contemporary look.

Because patio sliders don’t swing outward, they create additional floor space inside your home. You can place furniture or other items close to the door and still enjoy easy access to the areas outside your home.

Sliding glass patio doors are available in both modern and traditional styles. No matter what style of architecture and furnishings you have, we have the perfect option for your patio!

Hinged Patio Doors
Hinged doors open from the center, offering a dramatic flair and maximum ventilation inside your home. In regular styles, hinged doors create a sleek, modern feel, along with tremendous energy-efficiency.

Hinged patio doors can either open into your home or outward onto your patio. Whether you prefer additional room inside your home or maximum space outside on your patio, the choice is yours!

Hinged doors can be installed in just about any patio door opening – even if you currently have sliding doors on your patio.

French Hinged Doors
French hinged doors offer all the benefits of regular hinged doors, along with a class European look that is both contemporary and timeless. Hence the name French doors!

French hinged doors instantly transform your patio and your home, offering more ventilation, more light, and more style!

As with regular hinged doors, French doors can be installed into almost any patio door opening. You’ll be amazed by how the style, security, and energy-efficiency of French doors transform the look of your patio!

Sliding French Doors
And, yes, there is a model called a sliding French Door — just to give you more options to ponder. French sliding doors combine the space-saving efficiency of sliding doors with the timeless style of French doors.

Notice the difference in the size of the frames in these two pictures. The window frames in the bottom picture are thicker. This defines a “sliding French Door.”

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As with our windows, all doors are custom made to fit your requirements. The complete replacement and installation process for your new front doors can take up to eight weeks.

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