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Patio and Sliding Door ReplacementYou love your sliding patio door. The way it frames the view. All the bright sunlight it lets in. And then you go to open it. That metal on metal scratching sound! Owwww! Having to use two hands just to get it to move enough to slip through sideways – arrrgh! Yeah, it’s got to be replaced NOW!

Call the door replacement experts at Save Energy Co. We’ve been turning sticky door frustration into easy-sliding door satisfaction for over 40 years.  What style do you want? Regular or French door slider? What type of frame construction – vinyl, fiberglass, wood?  We offer them all from the leading manufacturers.

Easy, one-finger opening action isn’t the only benefit of a new, replacement sliding patio door from Save Energy Co. The dual-pane design will reduce outside noise.  Order the optional sound-reduction package and you’ll never hear a garden-blower again!

Have you ever noticed how rugs and flooring near the door tend to fade? Does your dog love to sleep in front of it because of the warmth of the sunlight? UV-coating on the outside glass panel will help greatly reduce the fading effect as well as the heat from the sun rays.  You’ll still get plenty of light, but all the potential damaging effects of the rays will stay outside. Our apologize to your dog, but the savings you get on your home heating and air conditioning bill will more than cover the cost of the extra doggie treats.

Sliding Doors Installation by Save Energy

It only takes a few hours for our factory-certified, in-house craftsmen to install your new replacement patio doors. We guarantee their work for the lifetime of the slider.  If you request it, we’ll even come out and inspect the work one year later.  All of our patio doors come with a life-time warranty from the manufacturer.

Ordering your new, replacement, sliding patio door is easy. You won’t even have to leave your home. Give us a call and one of our seasoned, door and window experts will give you a free estimate. Need time to think over the options?  We’re more than happy to give you all the time you need.  There’s never any pressure to buy from Save Energy Co.  Read our 5-star reviews on Yelp.  There’re over 100 of them.  You’ll quickly discover why so many San Francisco, Marin and Sonoma County homeowners choose Save Energy Co. for their door replacement projects.

Are you an apartment owner or manager? No job is too big for us. We have years of experience doing complete window and door replacements on apartments. We treat your renters like owners because this is their home….

Does your home need to abide by HOA guidelines? We’ve done hundreds of condo and townhome door installation and replacement projects. We’re able to provide products that fit the guidelines and our installers are so meticulous with their cleanup, it’s often hard to tell they were even there!

A Save Energy Co, factory-certified craftsman installs the vapor barrier for a replacement patio slider after inspecting for dry rot. Removing old doors and windows can reveal a lot of hidden damage.  Our installers are seasoned, experienced professionals.  This means they know a problematic situation when they see one – and what to do about it.  Often, they’re able to clear up dry rot damage as part of the process — after alerting the homeowner, of course. Note the vacuum cleaner hose right next to the installer.  He’s already vacuumed up the stucco dust so that it would not blow or be tracked into the interior.

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