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Sometimes, it just needs to be wood!

Your entry door is the first impression that guests will have of your home. What better way to invite them into your house them than with the timeless beauty of wood?

Wood doors have been welcoming family, friends, and strangers for centuries. Wooden doors combine quality materials designed to stand the test of time with a modern look suited for any architectural style. In addition to their beautiful appearance, wood doors are durable, versatile, easy to customize, and tough against the elements.

Advantages of Wooden Front Doors

A newly replaced front door outside a home near San Francisco.Although fiberglass entry doors have their advantages, wood front doors offer a warm, inviting appearance that continues to be a popular option for homeowners who want to replace their entry door.

Natural wood front doors made from hemlock, juniper, mahogany, oak, pine, or walnut entry doors create a beautiful first impression for your guests that just can’t be duplicated.

Wood doors offer several other advantages in addition to their beauty:

1. Durability: Wood doors are surprisingly durable and long-lasting. With proper care, they can withstand just about anything that nature can throw your way for decades. There’s a reason why wood doors have been favored by homeowners for centuries!

2. Energy Savings: Because of their durability, wooden doors are also very effective at insulating your home. Keeping out the heat and cold does wonders for reducing your energy bills. With proper maintenance, wood doors can’t be beat for keeping out drafts and saving you a shock when you get your heating and cooling bills.

3. Versatility: Solid wood exterior doors are also easy to customize! Wood is one of the easiest materials to work with, so it’s no problem to make a custom replacement door for your home. Wood is also easy to stain or paint. If you have a red wood front door and five years later, you decide you want blue, repainting is just as easy as finding a brush in your garage!

This is one reason why wood doors are perfect for any architectural style. It is incredible how many home styles we have worked with for homeowners across the Bay Area! No matter what style of home you live in, we can replace and install custom doors that will be a perfect fit!

Caring for Your Exterior Wood Doors

Wood doors require periodic care and maintenance in order to keep them looking beautiful. Cleaning the door about once per season will help remove dirt and soot that could potentially cause scratches and damage the finish. You should also use high-quality lemon oil (one that does not contain silicates and waxes) to restore your door and protect it from the sun.

You can also take additional steps to protect your wood doors against damage from the elements. Re-finishing your door with pain or varnish about every five years will help protect it from damage from the sun or weather. Installing an overhang, a glass door, or a screen door will provide additional protection against sun and water damage.

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