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Entry Doors play a vital role in creating a welcoming first impression.
They reflect the warmth, security and love to be experienced inside.

Door Replacement San Francisco CA
Door Replacement San Rafael, CA
Door Replacement San Rafael, CA

If windows are the eyes to the soul of your home, entry doors are the portals to experiencing it. 

Save Energy offers a wide selection of fiberglass or wood doors from the country’s leading manufacturers — ThermaTru and Buffelin.

Fiberglass doors simulate the rich look of wood, are long-lasting, weather resistant and require little or no maintenance.

Wood doors offer that classic look and feel, require the periodic maintenance associated with all natural products and are subject to seasonal expansion and contraction.

As with our windows, all doors are custom made to fit your requirements. Styles are available in both wood and fiberglass to fit any type of architecture. And a long list of options means your door can make its own unique statement. The complete process from measure to order can take up to eight weeks.

Offer your guests the gracious, warm welcome they deserve with a new entry door from Save Energy.

Make an appointment today for a free, in-home estimate or come visit our showroom to see our sample doors and learn more from our technicians about how easy door replacement and installation can be.

Fiberglass Entry Doors Offer Durability

A fiberglass Entry Door System comprises the door, frame and sill.

Along with new siding installation it all works in harmony to provide the greatest level of resistance to the harmful effects of weather.

Does weather really put that much stress on a door?

Ever touched a painted door that’s been directly in the sun for an hour or so?  Even in San Francisco, the surface can reach temperatures of over 200ºF! A couple of hours in the shade — the door matches the ambient air temperature. That’s a lot of expansion and contraction over the course of one day.

Then there’s what happens to the door when water enters the scenario…

And you thought you were the only one getting stressed out every day!

5 ways a new fiberglass door system will withstand the stress while looking fresh and new for years to come:

1. Hydroshield Technology

• Protects against moisture and humidity
• Prevents mildew
• Guards against water infiltration
• Minimizes warping

Door Replacement San Rafael, CA

2. Closed Cellular Structure

• Resists water absorption
• Reduces splitting, rusting, insect damage

3. Snap-on Glass Panel Frame

• Eliminates unsightly nail holes
• Locks glass securely in place

Door Replacement Santa Rosa, CA

4. Poly-Fiber (PF) Door Frames

• Resists rotting, deterioration
• Provides twice the screw-holding power of wood
• Never absorbs moisture, splinters or rusts

Door Replacement Santa Rosa, CA

5. Energy Efficient

• Energy Star® qualified
• NFRC certified
• Helps reduce energy bills
• Reduces carbon footprint of your home
• Saves YOUR energy by not needing maintenance

Door Replacement San Rafael, CA

And sometimes, it just needs to be wood.

Wood doors have been welcoming family, friends and strangers for centuries.

Quality-built wood doors can last and look beautiful for decades — when they are properly and routinely maintained.

5 Things to do to keep your wood door looking beautiful….

1. Finish with paint or varnish that is of exterior quality and offers UV protection properties.

2. Clean with a damp sponge at least once every season to remove fine soot and dirt particles that can scratch the surface and dull the finish.

3. Treat with high-quality lemon oil to restore and protect the surface. Many products contain sunscreens. Avoid those with silicates and waxes as they tend to leave a residue.

4. An overhang of 30″ or more will help provide added protection from the elements, as will glass or screen storm doors (though they also hide the door.)

5. Re-finish the door with a high-grade, UV-protective exterior paint or varnish every 3 to 4 years. Make certain to paint all 6 surfaces — front, back, top, bottom, front side, back side.

Door Replacement Santa Rosa, CA

(Note: A lot of people forget to paint/varnish the top and bottom.  Complete coverage of these surfaces is critical to providing a solid, continuous weather barrier for your door.)
Door Replacement San Rafael, CA

Whether it’s fiberglass or wood, adding a new front entry door is like putting a happy smile on your home. It’s a great way to say, “Welcome!”

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