Learn How You Can Save

With A Solar System!

The SunMizer Solar Lease allows well qualified homeowners like you to install solar with minimum up-front investment. Most homeowners realize monthly savings right away! That’s because your reduced electric utility bill, combined with a monthly solar lease payment, costs less than your current average monthly electric bill. The SunMizer solar lease locks in a predictable price for electricity, and as utility prices continue to climb year after year, your solar savings increase. Homeowners who have the ability to pre-pay their lease in advance can save even more! With a SunMizer Solar Lease, you never have to worry about maintenance. We monitor system power production and dispatch a maintenance crew at the first sign of trouble, at no expense to you. Whether you lease or buy your system, you will have access to an online portal so that you can monitor your system’s power production in real time.

See the Savings Yourself: