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5 ways your new fiberglass doors will withstand the elements and look new for years to come

Fiberglass entry doors combine a modern look that is almost indistinguishable from wood with technology and energy-saving features to shield your home from the elements for years to come.

Here are five ways that new fiberglass doors from Save Energy are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and still look like new for years to come.

A vector images of water entering through a front door.1. Hydroshield Technology

• Protects against moisture and humidity
• Prevents mildew
• Guards against water infiltration
• Minimizes warping

2. Closed Cellular Structure

• Resists water absorption
• Reduces splitting, rusting, insect damage

Various images of frosted glass surrounded by frames.3. Snap-on Glass Panel Frame

• Eliminates unsightly nail holes
• Locks glass securely in place

A vector image of wood boards in various shapes.4. Poly-Fiber (PF) Door Frames

• Resists rotting, deterioration
• Provides twice the screw-holding power of wood
• Never absorbs moisture, splinters or rusts

A home and sidewalk vector image covered in grass.5. Energy Efficient

• Energy Star® qualified
• NFRC certified
• Helps reduce energy bills
• Reduces carbon footprint of your home
• Saves energy by not needing maintenance

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