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5 Steps to Keep Your Wood Doors Looking Beautiful

Wood doors have been welcoming family, friends and strangers for centuries. Quality-built wood doors can last and look beautiful for decades — when they are properly and routinely maintained.

Here are five tips on how to care for your wood doors and help them look beautiful — and keep out the elements from your home — for years to come!

5 steps to keep your wood door looking beautiful….

1. Finish your wood doors with paint or varnish that is of exterior quality and offers UV protection properties.

2. Clean with a damp sponge at least once every season to remove fine soot and dirt particles that can scratch the surface and dull the finish.

3. Treat your doors with high-quality lemon oil to restore and protect the surface. Many products contain sunscreens. Avoid those with silicates and waxes as they tend to leave a residue.

4. An overhang of 30″ or more will help provide added protection from the elements, as will glass or screen storm doors (though they also hide the door.)

5. Re-finish the door with a high-grade, UV-protective exterior paint or varnish every 3 to 4 years. Make certain to paint all 6 surfaces — front, back, top, bottom, front side, back side.

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(Note: A lot of people forget to paint/varnish the top and bottom. Complete coverage of these surfaces is critical to providing a solid, continuous weather barrier for your door.)

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