Save Energy is Proudly Partnering with Sunmizer to Offer Solar Power Systems Unlike Any Others.

Qualities that make the Sunmizer Solar Roofing System Unique:

• Low-profile design integrates with roof
• Looks more skylight than solar array
• No need to remove when re-roofing
• Wind uplift resistant up to 120 mph
• Class A Fire-resistance rating
• No need to re-roof to install

Two ways to upgrade:

  • Purchase complete system
  • Lease complete system

The roofing layer/foundation uses commercial grade 18, 24 & 26 gauge coated steel panels on three layers of UL-approved, fire & water resistant underlayment. Mounting is independent of rafters making positioning more flexible. Installation is done by licensed roofing contractors.

Hi-performance solar panels are affixed atop the roof panels by certified, SunMizer installation professionals. The Solar Roofing System can be installed on composite and tile roofs. The basic system comprises of 8 panels covering less than 170 sq ft and 4 inches high.Purchasing Benefits Leasing Benefits