The intent of the Residential Energy and Water Conservation Ordinance is to contribute to the affordability of San Francisco Housing by promoting the wise and efficient use of energy through cost-effective energy conservation standards for existing residential housing.san francisco seal

sfsealcrop-300x295It is also the intent to overcome the current barriers to energy conservation in rental housing, which in San Francisco comprises 2/3 of the housing stock, and to reduce the impact of rising energy costs upon renters.

The intent of the Water Ordinance is to conserve existing water supplies by reducing the overall demand for water in existing residential buildings.

The Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance became effective 9/20/82, and the amended Residential Water Conservation Ordinance was effective 7/1/2009.

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For over 30 years the top real estate and property managing professionals have relied on the knowledgeable professionals at Save Energy Company to help guide them through the myriad of city and state ordinances, including:


Attic Insulation – needs to be R-19 in existing buildings (>18”)
Hot Water Heaters – insulate to R-6
Weather Stripping Doors – (heated/unheated spaces)
Heating and Cooling Ducts – insulate to R-3
Caulking and sealing of major joints and openings


Toilets/Water Closets – if greater than 1.6 gpf, then replace with 1.28 gpf
Aerators – < 2.2 gpm
Showerheads – < 2.5 gpm
Water Supply Leaks


Smoke Alarms – in all bedrooms and hallways
Carbon Monoxide Detectors – in all SFH now, multi-units 1/1/13
Water Heater strapping

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