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Save Energy Co. takes the old aluminum windows and screens and breaks them down so the aluminum can be recycled? Last year we recycled over 19,780 lbs. – that’s almost 10 TONS! Just another way we help save the planet. Happy Earth Day!

If it’s a window or a door…

Our experts know more! We have been providing the Bay Area with superior custom windows and doors for more than 31 years.

We’re window installation pros.

We have the tools and know-how to professionally install new windows in your home. When it comes to getting the best window installation services, you can bet that our experienced installers will get the job done in a timely and satisfactory manner. 

Save Energy Co.

If you’re looking for custom windows and doors for your home, call (415) 824-6010 today!

Another Five-Star Review:

“Apart from the great experience with this company, the windows themselves are amazing. They are Simonton windows and apparently have a lifetime guarantee (!!). They stay cool all day, and now we can leave them open to let in fresh air in the mornings and the evenings.” (Excerpt from recent yelp.com review.)

Why Is It So Difficult to Find A Good Contractor?

Why is it so difficult to find a good contractor? When you are finally ready to remodel your kitchen, put on a deck, replace your windows or siding, or whatever your home improvement needs might be, the hard part is always finding the right contractor to do the job.  Of course personal referrals are still… Read more »

West Side Stories

West Side Stories                Five months ago in November I finally made it over to West Side Stories (WSS) here in Petaluma for their third anniversary show.  According to their website “WSS believes that everyone has a story” and there goal is “to give those stories a forum.”  It’s basically a room full of people… Read more »

Sorry, We’re Closed

“Sorry, We’re Closed” We’ve all had the experience at one time or another. We are trying to get to the bank, the grocery store or the dry cleaners and as we walk up we see the closed sign in the window. You think to yourself, “darn it, missed it by just a few minutes or… Read more »

Doing the Right Thing

Doing the Right Thing                I was out in the field almost all day Friday and when I returned I noticed that our weekly shipment of windows had arrived in my absence.  When I went to make sure everything came in correctly and was ready to be installed the following week, I noticed that one… Read more »

Constant Self-Improvement

Constant Self-Improvement:      One of the core principals that guide our company is the idea of continuous improvement.  It would be very unwise of us to think we have it all figured out and can simply keep doing what we have always done or are currently doing and the company will continue to keep rolling… Read more »